Incarnation Ministries




We are an Anglican Christian ministry in NW Arkansas that seeks to call for economic and social justice from a gospel and  traditional/orthodox Christian perspective. We are dedicated to Jesus Christ, the Son of God, with special devotion to the Blessed Ever Virgin Mother of God Mary as one who prays on our behalf.

The Blessed Ever Virgin Mary tells us, "Do whatever He tells you." (John 2:5). With that in mind we say, JESUS CHRIST, the Savior and redeemer of humanity, calls on the Church to speak grace and redemption to all persons but especially those who are oppressed, vulnerable, and weak due to a fallen and broken world.

This grace and redemption also calls for the kingdom of God to be manifested in the various spheres of life including: social and economic. 

1. It's our desire that all persons, but with a special notice of the poor, the worker, the immigrant, and those weak and oppressed, discover the unconditional love found in Jesus Christ and the spiritual liberation they are offered may be manifested in society in the areas of economic and social freedoms.

2. It is our desire that that evangelical Christian communities become aware of their Gospel duty to seek and implement grace and redemptive based attitudes and policies towards those suffering. Jesus died for all persons to bring forgiveness of sins and grace to their lives. The Church should promote grace oriented attitudes and policies in economic policies, social issues, labor policies, and immigration issues. 

Incarnation means the God of heaven entered into the human drama, being born of the Ever Virgin Mary, to experience the very suffering we experience. In this ultimate act of solidarity with us, God experienced and triumphed over sin and death that we might experience and have forgiveness and know the love of God.

3. We see the prophetic call to society and economic and social institutions to act in accordance with natural law whereby it is self evident that all persons deserve dignity and respect and deserve treatment consistent with being beings created in the image of God. Furthermore, we see the prophetic all to those economic and social institutions to repair and remedy broken and fractured systems where persons are exploited, dehumanized, or oppressed in work and living. 

Redemption and Reconciliation

Spiritual: spirit, soul, & body

Jesus Christ has extended His great love for all persons and, thought is conquering of death by His own death and resurrection, offers forgiveness, reconciliation to any who will come.

By faith persons can be made children of the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is "lived out" in the lives of renewed persons and communities. 

The grace of Jesus Christ can heal:

  1. broken souls that are hurt and wounded
  2. broken families & relationships that are fragmented
  3. broken communities that are divided
  4. broken economic structures that are oppressive

Grace can be provided:

  1. by the sacraments and prayer
  2. by modeling gospel witness
  3. by educating gospel teaching
  4. by advocacy with the prophetic gospel

Incarnation ministries hopes to develop weekly ministry services focused on ministering, modeling, educating, and advocating for all but with a unique focus on those persons who are vulnerable in the current culture of dehumanization and death by economic and social darwinism and utilitarianism found in government, academia, media, and some religious organizations. These groups at risk include:

  1. low income workers
  2. immigrants
  3. DREAMers
  4. laborers
  5. unborn
  6. elderly
  7. sick
  8. prisoners